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At Navair SSG, our approach to systems solutions is based on solid engineering principles; computer-based for accuracy, consistency and speed of execution. From Site Survey to System Test and Commissioning, the following are brief descriptions of the major steps involved:

Site Survey - Evaluate the RF environment, both inside and outside the building; determine structural challenges and property management requirements.

System Design - Utilizing the facility floor plans and data from the site survey, a computer generated model is created. This model is used to predict RF propagation within the facility.

A Link Budget- is also created using the computer model. This establishes Uplink/Downlink signal and noise power levels throughout the system.

Cable Routing and Antenna Installation Diagrams- are then created, clearly identifying equipment locations and expected coaxial cable lengths.

Installation- Navair will supervise the installation contractors to ensure compliance with installation best practices and system performance targets.

System Test and Commissioning- An Acceptance Test Plan (ATP) is executed to clearly demonstrate the required wireless Coverage Extension System performance within the facility. Navair will work closely with wireless service providers to ensure seamless cutover to live system operation with the donor system.