19 Inch Rack Mounted Wattmeters



Model 3126A, Single Carrier, Wattcher® RF Monitor

Model 3127-035, Panel Wattmeter

Model 3127-040, Panel Wattmeter

Model 3127-055, Panel Wattmeter

Model 3127-075, Panel Wattmeter

Model 3127-080, Panel Wattmeter

Model 3127A, Single Carrier, Wattcher® RF Monitor

Model 3170B, Dual Meter – Dual Element, Single Carrier Wattcher® RF Monitor

Model 3171B, Dual Meter – Single Carrier, Wattcher® RF Monitor

Model 3171B020, Dual Meter – Single Carrier, High-Speed Wattcher® RF Monitor

Model 4521, Single Meter- Single Element, Panel-Mount Wattmeter

Model 4522, Single Meter – Dual Element and Selector Switch, Panel-Mount Wattmeter

Model 4526, Dual Meter – Dual Element, Panel-Mount Wattmeter

Model 4527 Series Panel-Mount Sampling Wattmeter

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RF Rack mounted Wattmeters