61-83B-50 Series 11


Mission Critical Reliability for In-Building Coverage

61-83B-50 Series, 700 MHz Band, Signal Booster II provides Public Safety grade communications and reliability in disadvantaged RF locations for First Responders, Public Safety/Governmental agencies and Private system Users. Mission-critical communications are ensured in challenging environments such as basements, parking garages, correctional facilities, courthouses, hospitals, high-rise buildings, schools and universities, airports, subways and rapid transit systems, and stadiums.


6150-COM, Remote Communication Card

Adds Complete Remote Accessibility to Signal Booster II

  • Remote configuration and gain level adjustment
  • Remote retrieval of 100 day OLC Datalog information
  • Remote alarm and status monitoring
  • Remote loading of software updates, revisions
  • Data Ports: RS232 Port accommodates direct connection to local PC.
  • RJ45 Port provides 10 Base T interface to private networks, internet or wireless (WiFi) networks.
  • TCP/IP Network Protocol Compatibility Static or DHCP assigned IP address.
  • HTTP 1.0/1.1 web compatible provides complete functionality using common web browsers.
  • Currently supports FTP firmware update, email alert feature available in future software release.No PC Based Proprietary Software Required – Uses Common Web Browser

Remote Configuration of Critical Parameters

  • Calibrate amplifier current to eliminate erroneous alarms.
  • Adjust gain via attenuation or bypass amplifiers when OLC datalog indicates consistent, strong signal activity through booster.
  • Configure desired output power.
  • Remote Access to Critical Component Status
  • Amplifier Cards
  • Power Amps
  • Power System
  • Ouptut Level Control System Remote Access to OLC (Output Level Control) Datalog
  • Access operational history for critical parameter adjustment.
  • Data exportable in text file format.
  • Datalog resolution can be as fine as hourly or as long as 100 days in duration. Consult factory for optional configurations.


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