ACX-1 Electronic Aircraft Cable Tension Meter

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ACX-1 meters are the fastest, easiest way to verify accurate cable tension. Get your aircraft off the ground and into the air with maximum performance and safety, minimum cost and time.

Tensitron instruments are designed to quickly check the tension on aircraft cables from 1/16 in. to ¼ in., CWT cable sizes from 5 to 25, and metric cables from 2.0mm to 4.0mm. Calibrations for other cable sizes are available upon request.

Several Models are available

One-handed operation
Lightweight, portable
Compact design allows access to small spaces
Durable construction
Measures wide range of aircraft cable diameters
Tension ranges from .5 lb. to 500 lb.
Color-bar graphic provides quick visual of tension levels
Selectable units (lb., kg, or daN)
Data storage and statistics
Analog or serial output (optional)
Includes carrying case and NIST-traceable calibration certificate



Tensitron is a KTC Instruments Company, founded in 1935, which designs, manufactures, sells, and services digital, mechanical and electronic tension measuring instrumentation. Its products are used in many different industries and companies for a variety of quality control purposes. We are recognized as the leading provider of superior precision tension meters and tension measuring instrumentation used world-wide in manufacturing and test facilities.
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ACX-1 electronic tension meter


ACX-1 Operating Instructions