NX–GEN–S 900


Licensed Point to Point

900 Mhz Microwave Radio

High quality Digital Radios with a common Control/Mux Indoor Unit offering multiple configurable

Data Interfaces, that can be paired with interchangeable, separate RF Units from 400Mhz to

38Ghz allowing data rates of 64Kb/s up to 150Mb/s


    • 2 x T1/E1 Standard
    • Ethernet with VLAN and OoS
    • XPIC Doubles Capacity
    • Data Rate Configured to

Customer Requirements

  • Frequency-agile within each band
  • Flexible Bandwidth
  • SNMP-NMS with constellation display


  • Modulation Schemes 4QAMto 128 QAM




Moseley Associates Incorporated

As part of the Axxcss Wireless Solutions, Inc. group of companies, Moseley Associates, Inc. is an ISO 9001 Certified Company that designs and manufactures wireless communications equipment for radio and television, as well as custom-configured voice-and-data networking applications. Moseley products are in service in over 120 countries and actively represented in 60 countries worldwide.

NX-Gen-S 900