PICO Differential probe for 4444 Series

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Intelligent differential inputs
With a traditional oscilloscope probe, single-ended measurements are made between a high-impedance input and a low-impedance ground.

With a differential oscilloscope, measurements are made between two high-impedance inputs, allowing measurements to be made across components and test points where neither side is grounded. Differential inputs also reject common-mode noise: noise picked up equally on both high-impedance inputs is rejected.

Each of the four input channels on the PicoScope 4444 features an intelligent probe interface that detects and identifies compatible probes, and powers them where necessary. Each channel can have its own choice of voltage or current probe.

Non-attenuating probes allow high-resolution, low-noise measurement of signals ranging from millivolts to ±50 V. Attenuating probes allow signals up to 1000 V CAT III to be measured. Current probes are available for currents up to 2000 A, also rated for 1000 V CAT III measurements.

PicoConnect 441: Measure from millivolts to ±50 V
PicoConnect 442: 1000 V CAT III probes
Three current probes with intelligent probe interface;
TA300 40 A AC/DC current probe
TA301 2000 A AC/DC current probe
TA368 2000 A AC current probe



Pico Technology

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