RIGOL RF Signal Generators


As Rigol’s RF first signal source, the DSG3000 series offers standard AM/FM/ØM analog modulation, as well as options for I/Q modulation and I/Q baseband output. The instrument is available with maximum frequencies of either 3 GHz or 6 GHz. Featuring a high signal purity with phase noise measuring <-110dBc/Hz@20kHz (typical) and a wide output range of -130dBm to +13dBm, the DSG3000 RF signal generator has standard pulse modulation with an on/off ratio of up to 80dB, with optional pulse train generator available. The DSG3000 series also has an exceptional  amplitude accuracy . See below
  • DSG3000B
    DSG3000B Series

    • 6.5 and 13.6 GHz models with optional built-in IQ baseband generator and OCXO timebase
  • DSG3000
    DSG3000 Series

    • 3 and 6 GHz models with optional built-in IQ baseband generator and OCXO timebase
  • DSG800
    DSG800 Series


Model Max Frequency Phase Noise (typical) Amplitude Accuracy (typical)
DSG3136B-IQ 13.6 GHz <-116 dBc/Hz@20kHz <0.5 dB
DSG3136B 13.6 GHz <-116 dBc/Hz@20kHz <0.5 dB
DSG3065B-IQ 6.5 GHz <-116 dBc/Hz@20kHz <0.5 dB
DSG3065B 6.5 GHz <-116 dBc/Hz@20kHz <0.5 dB
DSG836A 3.6 GHz <-112 dBc/Hz@20kHz <0.5 dB
DSG836 3.6 GHz <-112 dBc/Hz@20kHz <0.5 dB
DSG821A 2.1 GHz <-112 dBc/Hz@20kHz <0.5 dB
DSG821 2.1 GHz <-112 dBc/Hz@20kHz <0.5 dB
DSG3060 with IQ 6.0 GHz <-110 dBc/Hz@20kHz <0.5 dB
DSG3060 6.0 GHz <-110 dBc/Hz@20kHz <0.5 dB
DSG3030 with IQ 3.0 GHz <-110 dBc/Hz@20kHz <0.5 dB
DSG3030 3.0 GHz <-110 dBc/Hz@20kHz <0.5 dB
DSG830 3.0 GHz <-105 dBc/Hz@20kHz <0.5 dB



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