TIC’s revolutionary SDR-OMNI Flight Line Test Set provides the avionics technician with a comprehensive suite of RF avionics test capability in a single ruggedized, yet lightweight, package for demanding commercial and military customers. The unit features a highly readable and responsive color touchscreen for quick and convenient avionics testing – especially for performing FAA required transponder, ADS-B, and ELT tests. Professionally formatted reports can be downloaded via USB or wirelessly printed to a local wireless printer.

SDR-OMNI test capability:

·      Modes A, C, S (EHS and ELS) Transponder with FAA Part 43 Autotest
·      ADS-B 1090 MHz and 978 MHz UAT (IN and OUT)
·      VOR and ILS (with combined LOC + GS + MB)
·      DME
·      HF / VHF / UHF COMM Radios (AM & FM) – with convenient “walkie-talkie” COMM check mode
·      SELCAL
·      ELT (406 MHz with 121.5 MHz / 243 MHz)
·      Aircraft Audio Systems (audio distortion)
·      VSWR / Distance to Fault (DTF) / Cable Loss
·      GPS Simulator (2023)

This is the most advanced commercial flight line test set ever made. The combination of hardware and software can test virtually any RF signal from 200 kHz to 2.0 GHz. As the lightest ruggedized tester on the market, the SDR-OMNI offers unmatched capability and ease of use.



Tel-Instrument (TIC)

http://telinstrument.comTel-Instrument Electronics Corp. is the industry leader in developing and producing field-tested, rugged avionic flight line and bench test sets for demanding military and commercial customers. Tel-Instrument was founded in 1947, and has been providing avionic ramp and bench testers to both commercial and military customers for the last 35 years. Tel-Instruments historical design emphasis has been to provide the customer with user-friendly, rugged, reliable, and affordable units.