TR-36 Test Set


The TR-36 NAV/COMM Test Set is a modern precision test

instrument that provides comprehensive avionics ramp test

capability for rapid functional testing of VOR, LOC/GS, ILS, MB,

VHF-UHF COMM (AM/FM), ELT and EPIRB equipment. It is

conveniently packaged in a rugged, yet lightweight weatherproof

case with a highly visible color LCD display. The Test Set

was designed to be simple and easy to use as your one source

for COMM/NAV ramp testing.

The new TR-36 features several new advancements:

  • Test capability for ELT and 406 MHz EPIRB
  • High resolution LCD COLOR display with intuitive user interface
  • Audio measurement capability for (S+N) N testing and Audio/Intercom system testing




Tel-Instrument (TIC)

http://telinstrument.comTel-Instrument Electronics Corp. is the industry leader in developing and producing field-tested, rugged avionic flight line and bench test sets for demanding military and commercial customers. Tel-Instrument was founded in 1947, and has been providing avionic ramp and bench testers to both commercial and military customers for the last 35 years. Tel-Instruments historical design emphasis has been to provide the customer with user-friendly, rugged, reliable, and affordable units.