UDC Frequency Converters

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The frequency converter models cover virtually any

band up to 30 GHz.

They are available as block converters, synthesized

broadband converters, and RF to baseband converters.

Instantaneous bandwidth is typically 100 MHz in both up

and down conversions.

Some standard frequency bands are:

*800 – 2700 MHz

*870 – 1750 MHz

*1700 – 3000 MHz

*1900-2900 MHz

*12 – 16 GHz

*and 29 GHz

IF frequencies of 70 MHz or 140 MHz.


Typical applications for the UDC RF Converter Series include:

Mobile phone baseband chipset test

Satellite system integration

Frequency translation to microwave and millimeter wave devices

Multimedia Mobile Access (MMAC)





dBm develops and manufactures test equipment and subsystems for the RF marketplace, including wireless telecommunications, satellite systems, and military applications. We specialize in RF link impairment emulation for terrestrial and satellite wireless systems. Our link emulation products have been used in virtually every major satellite system developed since the early 1990s.

UDC Frequency Converter