CS90 is the “Every Technician” TDR: as cable companies and their contractors can now afford to equip their entire workforce with a modern coax CATV TDR designed for the DOCSIS3.1 era. By applying more affordable modern and future-proof technology we bring the capabilities of a 1 ns pulse and much higher bandwidth within reach of your whole team. We support this with a robust, ergonomic enclosure, internal lithium polymer battery pack with fast charging and monitoring, a high-resolution sunlight-readable color display and a simple intuitive user interface. 

CS90 gives the user the option to save screenshots or full-range trace files for later analysis or that can be shared with others. Including “FastFind”at no additional charge., FastFind is a software feature that automatically scans to find the end of cable or largest event, saving several key presses as the technician gets to the truth of what’s happening on the cable in seconds. 

CS90 has multiple operating languages: English, French, German and Spanish at launch and we’re working on several more.  

Software is now updatable in the field; copy the new software to the SD card, power up, select “update” and you’ll have the latest features in seconds. 

The SD card or a USB flash drive can additionally be used to “clone” cable types and settings between units, allowing deployment to the field force with just the right set of data they need and no other confusing cable types. 

Kit Contents

  • CableScout Main Unit (CS90)
  • Universal AC/DC adapter
  • Vehicle 12V power cord
  • F to F “barrel” adaptors
  • F to BNC adaptor
  • F to alligator clips cord
  • Quick start guide


CableScout CS90 units are packaged individually in corrugated card cartons in line with Tempo’s policy to reduce and where possible, eliminate plastic packaging materials


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CS90 Brochure