Fiber Solutions


OWL manufactures a complete line of fiber optic test equipment for a wide range of applications, including telco, WAN, MAN, LAN, SAN, CATV, IT, manufacturing, and laboratory. OWL’s complete line of fiber optic testers have capabilities ranging from simple optical power and optical loss measurement to complete standards-based fiber optic link certification for both multimode and singlemode fibers, including 10-Gigabit Ethernet!

Product lines include: optical time domain reflectometers (OTDR), optical power meters, light sources, talk sets, optical length testers, visual fault locators and serial plastic fiber transceivers. All OWL optical power meters and light sources are NIST traceable.



OWL has become well accepted globally in the fiber optics industry, upholding its commitment to providing quality, yet affordable fiber test equipment. OWL’s fiber optic test equipment line includes optical power meters, optical loss test sets, optical return loss meters, multimode and singlemode test kits, light sources, talk sets, optical length testers, and visual fault locators, as well as a range of accessories for cleaning and connectivity.

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