Handheld RF Spectrum Analyzers


The SignalHawk™ family of handheld spectrum analyzers combine best in class functionality in a compact, affordable package. Highly portable, the SignalHawk™ family of analyzers easily fit in one hand and boast an intuitive touchscreen user interface.

RF Spectrum Analysis at Your Fingertips


  • SH-60S-TC, RF Analyzer is the latest offering in the SignalHawk™ family of handheld RF spectrum analyzers, allowing users to view RF signals between 9 kHz and 6 GHz.
  • SH-60S-AOA, RF Analyzer extends the capability of the SH-60S-TC by adding the ability to triangulate the location of an interferer on a map for signals between 9 kHz and 6 GHz
  • SH-42S-TC, RF Analyzer offers a frequency range of 10 MHz to 4.2 GHz for users that don’t have the higher frequency requirements of SH-60S-TC users.

Leveraging multi-touch technology, users will find a high-resolution touchscreen with familiar, easy to use, methods for setting up and using the SignalHawk™ RF spectrum analyzer. Field engineers, technicians, wireless equipment manufacturers, service providers, contractors, tower erectors and military personnel alike have come to trust the precision results and efficiency of SignalHawk™.


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