Transmitter Power Monitor


Low Cost in-situ power measurement solution designed

for operation inside the transmitter.

DB9 output provides a linear DC voltage output from

0 to 4 volts allowing for a wide variety of interface options.

In-line calibration capability allows for greater accuracy

in a single application (with an accurate reference power meter).

Integrated non-directional coupler allows for spectral

analysis of the signal in minimal space requirements.

Accurately measures true average power for digitally

modulated systems.

+/- 5% of reading accuracy for both forward and reflected

power (10:1 ratio for forward to reflected power).

Handles peak-to-average ratio of 10 dB.

7/8″, 1 5/8″, and 3 1/8″ 50 ohm lines available for both FM,

VHF, and UHF broadcast frequencies.



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TPM series