BPME Series Broadcast Power Monitors


While the BPME provides the usual power and VSWR monitoring, it is much more than just a ‘comfort’ meter. One of the chief factors that sets BPME apart is the depth of its functionality. From remote monitoring via a user-friendly web interface to data logging

capabilities, the BPME gives users a range of functions designed to make their jobs easier, while protecting the health of their investment.In addition, the RF test port enables users to verify spectral compliance for applications such as IBOC or HDTV at the point in thetransmission line where it matters most! The enhanced functionality of BPME puts complete analog and digital broadcast monitoring at the user’s fingertips through user-friendly, around-the-clock, remote access from any web-enabled device. This 24/7 accessensures that problems are detected and dealt with easily and promptly-before they escalate into more costly situations.


Integral Power Monitor System

    • Integration of forward and reflected elements intothe RF Detection/Control Circuit yields added stabilityand greater dynamic range.

Frequency/Channel Field Configurable

    • Provides channel flexibility when needed in the field.

Ethernet & RS-232 Enabled

    • Future-ready remote monitoring, control & instantalarm alert.

Integral RF Test Port

    • Enables mask compliance testing, as well as monitoringof spectrum, modulation, frequency & RF envelopeperformance.

Data Logging Capabilities

  • System trends and anomalies can be detected before


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BPME Broadcast Power Monitors