TX Antenna Power Monitor


  • Needs: Increase system uptime, customer satisfaction and revenue. Decrease maintenance costs.
  • Solution: Frequency selective or composite Tx antenna power monitor
  • How it Works
  • Integrated in the combiner, Tx filter and duplexer, and stand-alone model
  • Frequency selective PM: 7/800, 900, and UHF combiners, as well as UHF filters
  • Composite PM in 7/800 Tx filters
  • Locally fine-tune the combiner while system is live – no need to switch off other channels
  • Remote, continuous monitoring = identify issues before they become big problems: Forward power | Antenna return loss | Temperature (equipment and shelter) | Door alarms
  • Software configurable (e.g., special requests) | Stand-alone “power meter” | Web server, SNMP and SYSLOG | UEM integration expected soon
  • Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDHGWHCRhD0


TxRx, Combilent

TX RX Systems, Inc. was founded in 1976 and is located in Angola, NY, a suburb of Buffalo. The company quickly became the industry leader in providing RF Conditioning products in the Land Mobile Radio market, aided by breakthrough inventions in T-Pass® Transmit Combiner, Auto-Backup® Tower Top Amplifier, base station antennas,  etc.  Over the years, TX RX’s RF Infrastructure Products have played a critical part in improving and optimizing numerous mission critical radio networks for both Public Safety and general two-way radio users. TX RX Systems was acquired by Bird Technologies Group in 1995 and became the “go-to supplier” for LMR applications in VHF, UHF, and 700/800 MHz frequency bands. In 2018, Indutrade, a European conglomerate based in Sweden, acquired TX RX from Bird.  TX RX joined Combilent, a Denmark company also owned by Indutrade, to form the Combilent Group.    The new TX RX will continue the tradition of offering best-in-class solutions for our customers, while leveraging the combined strength and resources of both companies in R&D, operations, and sales support. For all  product information from TXRX please visit their website  http://www.txrx.com

TX Antenna Power Monitor


Antenna Power Monitor